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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biblical Dinner at Fellowship and Arborwood

We had the exciting opportunity to participate in biblical dinners at Fellowship Baptist Church and at the Arborwood Retirement Apartments. These dinners are designed to give one the experience of what it was like to eat together during Christ's time. Eating a meal back then was very different from how we eat today!
For one thing, tables were low to the floor, and guests had to recline.

Hands and pita bread were the only utensils used. Slightly messy, but still delicious!

At Arborwood, we used tables at regular heights since several participants were in wheelchairs. They also enjoyed utensils.

The significance of the biblical dinners was not just to experience a new and exciting way of eating. We also learned the significance of breaking bread together. To "break bread" with someone is to say, "You are my friend. I love you. I will die for you" and with an enemy, "I forgive you." When Christ broke bread at the Last Supper and when he declared that he was the Bread of Life, he was declaring the amazing depth and sacrifice of his love for his disciples and for the world.

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